3 Tips for How to Write a Violation Letter Template

HOA Communities: 3 Tips for How to Write a Violation Letter Template

The first planned community in the United States is defined by its curvy streets and park-like scenery just outside of Chicago. This planned community modeled the modern HOA communities we see today. In order for these communities to thrive, homeowners have to agree to rules and regulations. When a homeowner breaches that agreement, a violation letter is the first notice. Violation letters can consume the lives of HOA leadership, especially in large communities. That is why you need a simple and thorough violation letter template. Continue reading to learn 3 tips for how to write a violation letter template.

Stay Professional in Tone

Nobody wants to receive a violation letter. What’s worse than a violation letter is one that is poorly written and informal. Your letter needs to be professional. It should be more cover-letter-like. A letter template will standardize your violation letters. This gives the letter a more professional appearance. You should first state the purpose of the letter, give evidence of the violation, then request the needed changes. Many HOAs also include the specific agreement citation to direct homeowners to exactly what they are violating. Written evidence is helpful, but photos are the best evidence. Having a space in your template to easily insert photos will make your templates more effective. Also, every violation letter should provide a reasonable timeframe for making changes. Your letter should not be a fine, but it should request that the homeowner resolve the violation.

Include the Next Steps

After a homeowner has received a violation letter, they need to know what to do. Legally, every homeowner has the right to dispute a violation before being penalized. HOAs are legal entities, which means a homeowner has the right to file a lawsuit against an association if they disagree with their violation. Violations do not always lead to lawsuits though. The first step is a disciplinary hearing if you would like to dispute the violation. Detailing the next steps for homeowners in the letter will ensure your HOA community is communicating well.

Decide How to Record Violations

Your letter template should make filing and sorting violation cases simple and effective. Whether it is a code, organized by property, or kept in a spreadsheet, your violation template should assist your organizational efforts, not harm them. For this reason, many HOA communities will begin with a digital violation letter and work from software or a database. Many HOAs decide to invest in software for its organizational features.

Use Software to Handle Your Violations in HOA Communities

Violation letter templates are difficult to write, which is why many communities prefer to automate the process. For HOA communities who are looking to get paperwork off of their table, using HOA software can make tracking violations simple. If you want a little more automation than a simple template, you should consider SmartViolations. Learn more about how SmartViolations can save you time and stress.