How to Prepare Your HOA Community for 2022

The new year is right around the corner, and we want to make sure your HOA community is prepared for 2022! With more and more new HOA communities being built every year, associations need to continue to adapt to changes and prepare for a stronger and better future. Having goals in place for what you want to achieve in the new year will be crucial for your HOA success, and we hope these tips can help you accomplish them.

Minimize Common Violations

Do you have a common violation that residents are always getting fined for? Let’s minimize that! Firstly, you need to figure out what the most common violation is. With our SmartViolations software, you can run a report to see what violations were most common in the last year, so you can work to reduce them. A typical response to a violation is “I didn’t know,” so getting proper communication out to your community about your top violations can help keep your residents up to date on all information. Your community documents can be long and difficult for your community members to read, so having an easily explained document can be a great asset to add to your library. Now that your residents are informed, an important next step is to enforce the violations consistently. This will help reduce the chances of them occurring multiple times.

Prepare a Budget

A budget is crucial to your association’s success as it affects not only the financial health of the community but also the physical health. A well-planned budget can make sure your residents feel confident in their community and ultimately that their HOA dues are being put to good use. Budgeting also helps residents understand if their dues increase, where the money is going and why it’s necessary, helping reduce the unhappiness of the property owners when this happens. Having a plan with clear budget goals will help set your community apart! Need accounting software? Our newest software, Smartbooks, can easily help you manage your community books.

Prepare a Maintenance Plan

Maintenance is essential for your community, and having a plan to prepare for any upcoming or unexpected maintenance needs will be crucial to your community’s success. Repairing items before they can help reduce your overall spending as you can plan for the fix, control the damage it causes, and help with the longevity of the equipment. Seasonal tune-ups to prepare for winter and summer are also great additions to your maintenance plans so you can check on your equipment and keep them running smoothly. Residents will love that you are proactive about the community and that the association is mitigating unexpected closures.

Make Sure You Have The Right Tools in Place

Is your community set up for success? We believe you need the right tools in place to be. With software like Smartwebs, you can reduce how much time you are spending on processing violations, architectural requests, and work orders so you can focus on other essential tasks. Communicating to your residents about community events, new laws, and important messages is key to keeping residents informed and happy. With our communications software, you can send mass communications to your community, updating them via email, text, or both! Our resident portal allows residents to submit architectural requests online, message property managers directly, and see any current violations on their property. Great tools help you manage your communities smarter and efficiently, so let us help you do that! Schedule a demo with our team today to see how our tools can help you.

We hope these tips help you prepare for the upcoming year and set your communities up for success. Smartwebs is here to partner with your HOA communities to help you achieve more, so contact our team today for a personalized demo on how our software can do just that.