New Kid on the Block


Hi! I’m Frankie Romero, the new National Sales Representative at Smartwebs. With over 11 years in the sales and customer service industry, I’ve found that the HOA industry is a great fit for me. I really love it!

One of the reasons I became a part of the Smartwebs family was that I felt the genuine passion to help others, and in my time here it has shown to be true. I’m really thankful to be part of a team that takes care of our customers and more importantly, each other!

A little bit about me: I’m originally from California and moved to Mesa, Arizona 20 years ago (although it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long)! I live with my husband and two daughters, Kelsey and Emma and two fur kids, Louis and Clark. 

In my spare time I enjoy singing and painting (neither of which I’m good at), being in nature, hanging out with my family, going to church and drinking iced coffee.


A funny story about me is when I was younger and living in California, I loved our local news lady, Dina Ruiz. One day my family and I were on the wharf in Monterey eating lunch at a restaurant and I spotted her at a nearby table. She was eating lunch with a man. I mustered up the courage to
go ask for an autograph. When I got to the table and asked, the man pulled out a pen and started to sign a napkin, I told him I didn’t want his autograph and I wanted hers. She smiled and signed a napkin for me. Turns out the man she was eating lunch with was Clint Eastwood. It turns out she ended up marrying Mr. Eastwood. I didn’t know who he was at the time, I was just happy I ended up with my childhood hero’s autograph! ????

I’m so excited to get to know everyone and eventually meet you all face to face. Thank you for welcoming me and for being so kind. I look forward to working with each and every one of you!


Frankie Romero

Smartwebs National Sales Representative