Review and Approve Architectural Requests Instantly

Are you wasting valuable time in architectural review meetings or sorting through endless email chains? Are you ready for a better way?

SmartArchitecturals HOA architectural software streamlines and simplifies homeowner modification requests and brings everything online for committee members to quickly review, vote, and approve architectural requests from anywhere, at any time. Make your volunteer job easier and be a hero to your community’s residents.


Stay informed and connected

  • Online Application Submittal
  • Upload Pictures & Documents
  • Status Update Emails
  • Online Messaging
  • 24/7 Online Access
  • Instant Updates
HOA Architectural Requests
  • New notification!
  • Message delivered.
  • Application submitted!

Committee Members

Goodbye manual meetings, Hello online approvals

  • Review, Collaborate and Vote Online
  • View Documents & Pictures
  • CC&R References
  • Expiration Alerts
  • Automated Decision Letters
  • Customized Reports
Homeowners Association HOA board meeting
  • Vote submitted!
  • Decision letter sent.
  • Expiration date approaching!

Life is easier online

With Smartwebs unlimited cloud storage, you can now go paperless and have access to all architectural projects submitted and completed online for your community throughout the months and years. For greater access, all decisions, documents, images, and letters are archived by property. Boards, committee members, homeowners, and HOA staff will benefit from more visibility.

HOA Architectural Requests Software

Faster Approvals Start Now! Keep HOA life moving.