Manual meetings are a thing of the past.

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Why wait for everyone to meet in person?

With SmartArchitecturals, homeowners can submit their architecture requests online and have 24/7 access every step of the process. Our cloud-based technology lets your Home Owners Association board review and vote on architecture requests from anywhere, then automatically notifies the homeowner of any progress. Our software sends status updates through email and automated letters - utilizing our exclusive Zero-Touch Communication - keeping the homeowner, board, and HOA management all in-step. And, with automated and cloud-based record-keeping, all documents are archived and easily accessible for your HOA management team.

Now everyone can easily access and process architecture requests in your HOA community.

  • Online Application SubmittalOnline Application SubmittalOnline Application Submittal
  • Review & Vote from AnywhereReview & Vote from AnywhereReview & Vote from Anywhere
  • Status Update EmailsStatus Update EmailsStatus Update Emails
  • Expiration AlertsExpiration AlertsExpiration Alerts
  • Zero-Touch CommunicationZero-Touch CommunicationZero-Touch Communication

  • 24/7 Online Access24/7 Online Access24/7 Online Access
  • Real-Time DataReal-Time DataReal-Time Data
  • CC&R ReferencesCC&R ReferencesCC&R References
  • Cloud-Based TechnologyCloud-Based TechnologyCloud-Based Technology
  • Customized ReportingCustomized ReportingCustomized Reporting

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Take your architecture requests and approval process online with SmartArchitecturals