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We know it’s hard keeping HOA residents in the loop on what’s happening in their community.

SmartCommunications delivers faster messages to your HOA residents by email, text or voice message within seconds. Create and use customized templates to quickly send communication to all residents at once from newsletters, annual meetings, severe weather alerts, amenities being maintenanced and much more. Engage and inform your community as never before!

Send targeted messages to your homeowners with a few clicks

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Thomas was tagged for a group.
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Customize and Send!


Visual icon tags for residents – board members, volunteers, doctors and units – landscaping service, Block A-C for quick identification. Create your own tags and the possibilities are endless.


Filter tags to send communication to a specific audience or the entire community.


Select from custom templates or create a new message on the fly. Send via email, text, and voicemail with a single click.

Service level is key

When a resident responds or calls in about an item or reports an issue you can quickly add notes under their account and mark what they inquired about. This is date logged and creates a history of all services provided to the resident. Produce reports to see trends in your community and allow for proactive measures based on these trends.

  • New note added: John called for a plumbing repair.

Keep Your Community Thriving and Engaged