5 Tips to Winterize Your HOA Community

Winter is quickly approaching, which means falling temperatures and cold weather on the horizon, so it’s essential to protect your HOA communities. When you winterize your communities, you are helping to protect them and avoid expensive repairs in the future. Is your community ready for the upcoming season? Here are some tips to help get you prepared for winter!

Seal any cracks in your pavement

When cracks in your pavement are left unrepaired, ice will build up and expand the pavement making your crack even worse than before. This is a great time to check your sidewalks, playgrounds, pavilions, and more to see if any cracks need to be filled before winter begins.

Plan for snow removal and power outages

How prepared were you last time you had snow or power outages? If you live in an area that gets snow every year, you probably already know how to deal with it. But if you’re in an area that doesn’t get snow, it’s still essential to have a plan in place, as we saw with Texas communities last year. Make sure you can communicate with your community during these times and keep them updated on any news. Power outages during snowstorms are common so make sure you have generators ready for your communities to keep the heat on. Educating your residents on how to stay warm during a power outage is also a great idea!

Protect your pipes

Bursting pipes are a big issue when you endure cold weather, especially in areas where it’s not common. If the weather is forecasted to drop below freezing, make sure you turn your faucets on to drip and keep your sink cabinet doors open. You should also turn off and drain all of your outdoor faucets, a vital task! If you have any outdoor pipes, you can add insulation to them to keep them from freezing.

Know who to call in case of an emergency

We can all hope that nothing serious happens during a winter storm, but you truly never know. Having a file with your important contacts for repairs and even personal injuries is important to prepare for the future. This list will not only help you in times of need but also your homeowners as well! If you can provide a readily available list to them, it can go a long way in their happiness with your community.

Inspect your HVAC system

Having your HVAC system serviced twice a year is a good rule of thumb and right before winter starts is a good time to have a technician inspect it! An experienced technician will be able to not only tune-up your HVAC but also catch any issues that could be potential problems. This will be an important preventative item for you to take for your community.

Getting your community ready for the upcoming season is crucial for the future of your community. Homeowners will appreciate you for it and know they live in a place that takes care of its facilities. We hope this winter season is filled with a lot of fun and joy, so make sure you’re prepared for anything that could happen!