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Are your HOA residents happy?

Americans who live in community associations are overwhelmingly pleased with their communities, expressing strong satisfaction with the board members who govern their associations and the community managers who provide professional support. But are your HOA residents happy? 

According to a survey conducted by Zogby International, more than seven in 10 community association residents expressed satisfaction with their community experience. Almost 40 percent of community association residents say they are “very pleased,” with only 10 percent expressing some level of dissatisfaction. Nearly 20 percent represent neither point of view.

An estimated 54 million Americans live in some 274,000 homeowner associations, condominium communities, cooperatives, and other planned developments.

Here’s what community association residents say:

  • 88% percent believe their governing boards strive to serve the best interests of the community.
  • 90% say they are on friendly terms with their association board members, with just 4 percent indicating a negative relationship.
  • 86% say they get along well with their immediate neighbors, with just 5 percent reporting a negative relationship. Of those who reported issues with neighbors, the most common problems were pets, general lifestyle, noise, and parking.
  • 78% believe community association rules “protect and enhance” property values, while only one in 100 say rules harm property values. About 20 percent see no difference.
  • 88% of residents who have interacted with professional community managers say the experience has been positive.

How does your community stack up to these numbers? Sending out surveys is a great way to gain feedback about if your HOA residents are happy, and you can do this by using our SmartCommunications software. Not currently a SmartCommunicatons user? Contact us today to schedule a demo or chat with one of our specialists!