Process violations without cellular data

Process violations on the go with our offline mobile app

We understand that some communities are in areas that don’t have the best signal or no signal at all. This is why we developed our offline mobile app to help community managers still do their job without data. Process HOA Violations on Mobile. Smartwebs is one of the only property management software companies that are able to accommodate processing violations in the field without a signal. Keep reading to know why it’s important for you to have this feature as a part of your HOA management software. 

No data? No problem! 

Smartwebs was designed and developed to keep HOA inspections moving with no data needed. Quickly download your community or communities on an Apple or Android device and you’ll have access to a virtual map with the location of properties to process violations with speed. Once you’ve completed your drive/inspection(s), upload the information with one click and it will be processed seamlessly into the Smartwebs office site.

GPS Tracking

Did you know it’s still possible to use GPS tracking even without a signal? With our software, it is! The app is able to track you throughout the community so you know exactly what units you are viewing. Never lose sight of your community again! In the mobile offline app, you can see your current location, choose the unit you need, click the type of violation, snap a picture, and click submit. It’s as easy as 3 clicks and a pic! 

Zero Touch Communications

Sending out violations letters has never been easier. After you have processed your violations with our offline app, they will be ready for Zero Touch Mailing once you get back. Zero Touch allows you to send off a pre-designed letter template straight to the resident by email and mail with a click of a button. No more printing, stuffing and mailing violation letters by hand, it’s already done for you. 

We built our software to meet your company’s needs and are constantly improving by listening to our customers. Excited about this feature? Schedule a demo so we can show you how your community can do things smarter. After all, Smart is in our name!