Smartwebs Hosts a Team-Building Company Picnic

Our employees are our backbone, and we love getting together as a company! On Friday, November 5, Smartwebs employees met at Lake Creek Park in Round Rock, TX, for a team-building picnic. We were able to eat lunch together, share some laughs, and join in on some fun!

Company Picnic Building Bikes Building Bikes

After lunch, we broke off into four teams to build bikes for the kids at Texas Baptist Children’s Home. Texas Baptist Children’s Home provides a safe home and a stable family environment where children, single mothers, and youth aging out of foster care can learn, grow, and ultimately experience a happy, healthy future. We loved getting to work together on a project that would directly impact children in our community! This activity also helped us get to know one another and different working styles to complete a common goal. 

Hole Tarp Game

Once we finished up building our bikes, we started our team-building activities. The first game we played was called Hole Tarp, yup you read that right; it’s called Hole Tarp. Why? You guessed it, because there is a tarp, and it has holes in it! This game took major communication skills and strategy as each team had to get their tennis ball to go through the correct spot. The tennis ball(s) were placed on the tarp, and each group was told which color hole it needed to go through. It was entertaining to see how each team interpreted these instructions and how to do it effectively. One group just dropped the tennis ball through the hole since there weren’t any rules against it. We had to be given more rules once our CEO, Shawn Feilding, realized we were all a sneaky bunch! This game helped us see who in our groups were natural at stepping up and giving directions, who was more systematic in their thinking, and how to interact with different personalities.

CEO Playing Land Mine

After this, we played a game called landmines, where each team had to direct their teammate through a series of obstacles to the other side without stepping on any of the items. Pictured above is our CEO, Shawn Feilding, trying to get through while others were putting more obstacles in his way! This activity was challenging as each team was allowed to distract the other once they had made it through, making it difficult to know who to listen to. In this game, we learned how it’s better when one person is directing and not the whole group, so the participant knows who to listen to. We also learned that sometimes louder isn’t better as other people were giving wrong directions to distract us. 

All in all, it was a day filled with fun and good weather! We enjoyed getting together as a group, some of us meeting each other for the first time, and connecting as a company. We are excited to continue to do events like this together as our next company get-together is in December for our Holiday Christmas Party! If you ever want to host a community event for your neighborhood, having SmartCommunications is a great tool to have so you can send out mass communications to your community. Contact our team today for a demo!