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Does your community need a resident portal?

Community Resident Portal

Does your HOA need a community resident portal? The answer is yes.

Managing resident service requests, amenity use, reservations, as well as other homeowner requests can be time-consuming for property managers. A community resident portal is the main means of relieving management staff by streamlining vital communications between managers and residents, making life simpler for everyone.

The importance of a community resident portal

The benefits of an efficient community resident portal serve everyone involved, from the people submitting service requests to the staff answering their inquiries to the homeowners’ association boards in charge of keeping a vibrant community in excellent condition.

Community residents: A community resident portal will enable homeowners to independently, conveniently, and entirely online submit amenity bookings, maintenance issue tickets, and service requests. There is no opportunity for misunderstanding or ambiguity thanks to quick approvals and openness.

Community association board members: Board members may immediately evaluate, accept, or reject any choices that call for their opinion without additional and unnecessary phone conversations or email exchanges since they have a clear view of the requests made by residents in their community.

Management Company Members: Personnel from the management businesses have set up a site so that queries, bookings, and service requests from homeowners may be handled promptly and easily. They can take no action at all for certain activities by setting up automatic approval criteria for particular amenities or service requests.

What are the features of a community resident portal?

Direct Messaging

Eliminate emails with direct messaging! At Smartwebs, we know it’s hard to keep up with all the emails from all your residents and our portal helps organize this need. With direct messaging, residents can send requests, questions, and comments which are replied to in the same place. If they have questions about their architectural request, they can see the status in the portal so their questions can get answered before they even ask!   !  

Online Submit Forms

Submitting architectural requests and work orders just got easier! Smartwebs offers custom forms for your community and your residents can access them directly from the portal. Since the form is submitted online a request will automatically be generated in our system which will eliminate manual work for you. Once submitted, residents can then track the status of any of their open requests.

Violation Tracking

Violations are never fun but with our portal software, it’s easy for residents to see what violations they have on their property, upload photos to show it’s been fixed, or send a message directly to the property manager about the status of their violation. This keeps everything in one place for not only residents but property managers as well.

Community Documents

Finding community documents can be difficult for residents, especially if buried in a website. With our portal software, community documents are gathered in one place, again eliminating the need for them to email property managers to find what they are looking for.

But transitioning to a new platform is time-consuming. 

At Smartwebs, our team has developed a system to seamlessly transition to an all-encompassing platform to attend to all Management Company’s needs, demands, and obligations. The platforms’ setup is done through our white-glove service, providing easy data upload, one-on-one training, and dedicated support to property managers. Furthermore, Smartwebs assures that residents’ first-time sing-ins are done with only 3 clicks!

We would love to show you our resident portal in action! If you’re an existing customer please reach out to our support team to get an overview of this software and get set up. If you’re new to the Smartwebs family, schedule a demo with our sales team so we can show you what we are all about!