Violation Software

Four reasons to have a violation software

Processing HOA violations by hand should be a thing of the past! Now more than ever it’s extremely important to keep a record of all of your violations in case you ever need to provide documentation of an owner’s past history. Smartviolations has made processing violations quick and easy with our coined phrase, 3 clicks and a pic! With a violation software like ours, you can speed up productivity, keep residents informed, and keep a record of all current and past violations.

#1 Keep Records of All Violations

As new laws are getting past for HOA communities and homeowners are wanting more access to data it’s extremely important to have a record of all your violations. With our software, you can take photos of the violation in real-time and since the photo is auto stamped with the date and time there is no confusion on when the violation occurred. You can include up to four photos on a single violation letter helping you capture the extent of the violation or even multiple violations in one letter. 

#2 Make your life easier with Zero Touch Mailing

With SmartViolations you will be able to capture the violation out in the field and it’ll be ready to send when you’re back in office! Our system will auto-generate a pre-designed letter template with the violation photo attached and send it to the resident by email and mail. With Zero Touch mailing, you no longer have to print and mail out violation letters, it’s all done for you in one simple click! 

#3 Automatically send out notices to residents

Once you have processed your violation in the field and used Zero Touch Mailing to send it to the resident they will also receive an email of the letter. With the addition of the Resident Portal, the resident can see all their past and present violations on the portal site. Within the portal, they can send messages to the property manager to ask questions or even let them know that the violation has been corrected. This helps keep everyone up to date on the current status and make sure questions and concerns are answered in a timely manner. 

#4 Easy offline mobile management

If you’re working on an iPad that doesn’t have cellular service don’t worry we have got you covered! Our software works offline as well so you don’t have to worry about having cell service while you are tracking your violations on the go. Simply create a new violation, take a photo, and click print when you’re back in the office, 3 clicks and a pic! 

Smartwebs’ technology is all about helping you manage your communities better and with SmartViolations we do just that. With our automated systems, you can cut down on the time spent creating violation letters and move on to more important items. Interested to see SmartViolations in action? Schedule a demo with our team today at!