HOA Meeting Minutes Template

HOA Meeting Minutes Template

HOA Meeting Minutes Template: What should it include?

Want to know how to take minutes for homeowners association meetings? You’ll learn what type of information you should include, and how to properly format the minutes with our easy-to-use editable template. 

Because it is the law, HOA boards need to take the minutes of every meeting. This way, there will be an accurate record of what was discussed in the meeting.

If you’ve never seen a meeting minutes template before, writing one can be difficult. Recording minutes the first time can often be daunting.

This article will show you everything about recording HOA meeting minutes, from the order of items to be recorded to word-for-word instructions on what can be left out. You will find a sample of the minutes document below to use as a template for your meetings after reading this article.

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What are meeting minutes?

HOA meeting minutes are a record of everything that has happened between the members during the meeting.

During a meeting, minutes are recorded and detail the subjects discussed, the actions taken, the decision-makers, etc.

Why are meeting minutes so important?

HOA meetings are important because, without them, there could be a lack of proper documentation. As a result, the minute’s document is often the first port of call when there’s uncertainty about whether issues have come up.

Minutes help dispel disputes among board members.

Meeting minutes are open to the public. Residents have the right to view all of the information in meeting minutes. However, executive meeting minutes are not mandatory for publication and include confidential matters.

If you want to provide accessibility for minutes, they must be distributed to all residents within a specified timeframe. The rule can vary from one state to the next.

Who takes meeting minutes?

If an HOA doesn’t already have a designated note-taker, the first thing they should do is appoint someone as a note-taker. Furthermore, they should have a backup in case that person is unable to attend a meeting.

Often, the secretary will take down the minutes. However, it is common for boards to hire or elect a recording secretary in order to free up their general secretary for meeting participation. If the association works with a property manager, then they may be asked to take, prepare, and share meeting minutes.

The ability to write quality minutes for meetings can be learned through education and practice. It’s not a skill that everyone is born with, but most people can learn to do it effectively. Experts recommend that all board members have an understanding of how to record meetings. Even if they’re not responsible for this task, it’s beneficial to know the process.

Board members are encouraged to write their own notes when they attend open sessions so they can have the information immediately after the meeting. Depending on the time length of the meeting and the role of the note-taker, it can take a few days, or more for the note-taker to get the minutes up. 

What to include in an HOA meeting minutes template:

Here are some of the most important points to include in HOA meeting minutes:

  • The name of the association
  • The date and location of the meeting
  • The time at which the meeting started and adjourned
  • A roll call of those who are present and absent with their respective board positions
  • Board of directors reports
  • Unfinished Business
  • New business and open discussions
  • New meeting details
  • Names of members who voted abstained or dissented from a motion
  • A record of all financial transactions including bank account opening and closing, reserve expenditure, etc.
  • Adjournment
  • Signature of the Secretary

Your local or state laws may have other items and rules on how to take HOA board meeting minutes.

Approving Meeting Minutes

Before proceeding with the day’s business, the secretary must approve the minutes from the previous meeting.

What shouldn’t you record in the meeting minutes?

There are some meeting elements that should not be included in an HOA document.

#1 Off-topic or irrelevant discussions

It is not uncommon for board members to engage in a discussion amongst themselves.

It’s a common mistake for new meeting note-takers to believe that every meeting discussion needs to be recorded in the minutes. That is not the case.

Unless the conversation is relevant to an issue listed on the agenda, it does not need to be recorded. 

#2 Personal Beliefs 

Personal and or irrelevant views and opinions discussed by the board members, or recording persons, similarly should not be included in the meeting minutes. 

#3 Disagreements

Similar to that of personal opinions, arguments, or disputes that have occurred between members should also not be included in meeting minutes. 

HOA Meeting Minutes Template

Here is an example of an HOA meeting minutes template. To make this your own, you can download this template and edit it for your own board meetings. 

HOA Meeting Minutes Template

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How long should the HOA maintain its meeting minutes?

An HOA board must maintain their meeting minutes register indefinitely as part of their official records. Check your own local and state laws as to how long your HOA is required to keep meeting minutes records. 


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