Fitness equipment for your community

Tips for Choosing The Right Gym Equipment For Your Community

Having a gym in your community is a value add for residents as it will help them stay healthy and not have to pay for expensive gym memberships offsite. Fitness centers are also great for communities that have limited outdoor space. If you’re thinking of adding a gym to your facility or already have one and are looking into new equipment, this blog is for you! How do you choose the right equipment for your community?

Here are some items to think about :


Determining a budget for your gym equipment will help you understand which brands you can and cannot afford. Budgets for gym equipment can range from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the size of space and equipment you want to purchase. Some budget-friendly brands are Fray Fitness, Fringe Sport, and Cap Barbell. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line gym equipment, then you should look into brands like Precor, Life Fitness, and Cybex

Used vs. New Equipment

Another thing to consider is used vs. new equipment. Purchasing used equipment is always a great way to help you stay on budget but is it worth it? The answer is, it depends! Buying anything used will help with your upfront cost but could cost you more in the long run. Maintenance on used equipment will come quicker than with newer ones, and you will need to replace them sooner as well. You most likely will not have a warranty on a used machine as you do with new ones, but some used machines could still be covered! A good option for used equipment is sites like Fitness Exchange and Global Fitness, as they certify their equipment and come with warranties for parts.


The space of your fitness center will make a huge difference in what equipment you can purchase. If you have a smaller footprint, make sure you know the exact size when you are buying an item. That way, you can check your measurements and see if they will fit in your space. Knowing the size of your area will also help you make decisions on how many treadmills, bikes, or other equipment you want to purchase. Maybe only one bike will fit, or maybe 15 will!

Choose a good equipment mix

Having a good understanding of the different types of workouts your residents will want to do is essential. While some might love strength trainers, others could be more into yoga and pilates. Having the right equipment mix is crucial so that all residents are happy. Again, you’ll need to know your space limits so you can narrow down your equipment list and what you want to supply. 

Here are some good options for your gym equipment mix:

  • Training bench
  • Dumbbell set
  • Stationary bicycle
  • Barbell Set
  • Rowing machine
  • Low-impact treadmills
  • Ellipticals
  • Yoga mats and blocks
  • Resistance bands

Choosing the right gym equipment for your community can take time and a lot of research. Sending out a survey to your community could also help you understand what your residents want to see in the gym the most! SmartCommunicatons is a great way to send out a survey to your residents to gain feedback and ideas for future developments. Don’t have SmartCommunications? Contact us today!