Your guide to property management software

Your Guide to HOA Management Software

Did you know that 25% to 27% of the U.S. population lives in private communities governed by homeowners associations, condominium associations, and housing associations? But for homeowners, it doesn’t matter how many HOAs there are—all that matters is finding the right community and the right HOA. And that’s where the right HOA management software can make a world of difference for your customer experience.

Here’s a look at what HOA management software is, why you need it, and what features to look for in the best software.

What is HOA Management Software?

HOA management software is your one-stop shop for everything related to property management. It used to be used by sophisticated property management companies with large and complex holdings, but these days, software evolution and pricing has made the same functionality available to even the smallest of HOAs.

Most managers use HOA management software for one of five reasons:

  1. Accounting
  2. Building management
  3. Work order or maintenance management
  4. Marketing tools
  5. Tenant portal

The benefits for HOA managers are just as good, and in many respects, this software allows you to take charge of what’s going on in your community.

Of course, the real benefit isn’t just that you can break out a resident portal or simplify your accounting. The real benefit is that you no longer need to rely on an endless chain of people to handle small jobs. Instead, great software allows you to automate a lot of small tasks so that you can focus on the big ones.

In addition, good software provides an unbeatable customer experience. The reality is that no matter who lives in your community, today’s homeowners come with an implied degree of technical sophistication. They have certain expectations of professionalism, and those show through in your customer experience.

HOA management software allows you to meet (and exceed) those expectations every time.

What to Look for in the Best HOA Management Software

What separates good HOA management software from the best?

Start by looking for a few core features. For example, good software should include basic features like association management, owner communication, administrative functions, and accounting.

For HOAs, you’ll also want tools like online architectural request forms, a work order portal, and violation software.

The best software goes one step further. Not only are these features easy to use, but they’re integrated into a single powerful dashboard with all the functionality your community needs.

If you have to mix and match solutions, you’ll confuse and frustrate your members, and more importantly, you’ll constantly fight an uphill integration battle. Look for one system that does everything and does a wonderful job of it.

The one thing that great software is not? Free. Unfortunately, free HOA management software is often mutually exclusive from good software.

The Software You Need to Strengthen Your Community

Ready for HOA management software that goes the extra mile?

Here at SmartWebs, we know that property managers need a smarter way to do business. That’s why we offer a variety of software options tailored to your unique needs, like our SmartArchitecturals software that allows for easy architectural request submissions and 24/7 access throughout the process. It’s just one of the ways we’re improving the property management experience.

And best of all? We specialize in HOAs, which means you get software made for your unique needs.

Ready to give your HOA members an experience they’ll love? Schedule a demo today to learn more about how our software can help.

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